Work-life balance

Finding a balance between private and professional life is important to the health of every individual. We therefore offer our employees a variety of opportunities to reconcile their private and professional lives.

Flexible work

All of our employees can flexibly organise their working hours. Upon consultation, it is also possible to work from home. The choice of workplace is also flexible in our company. Our employees can thereby individually reconcile their private and professional lives.

The compatibility of family and work

At Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH, parents and family caregivers can reconcile their private lives with their job. Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH is a participant in the initiative "Mit ElternKOMPETENZ gewinnen" (Achieving expertise with parents). As a family-friendly company, we would like to establish a personnel policy that caters to the individual stages of our employees' lives.

We offer our employees a variety of possibilities:

Flexible work

It is important for parents and family caregivers to plan their working hours flexibly. All employees at Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH have the opportunity to work flexibly.

Flexible choice of workplace

Whether it's in Germany, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy or the Netherlands - Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH gives you the freedom to choose the location.

Home office

For parents and family caregivers, the offer to work from home is very attractive. Our employees can therefore optimally combine the care of their children and dependants with their professional lives.

Kindergarten and crèche subsidies

We support parents with a kindergarten and crèche subsidy.

Parental leave and returning to work

Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH supports parents following parental leave. Individual concepts make returning to work easier. Our offers reach from flexible working hours, various part-time work models through to the possibility of working from home. We also welcome parental leave for fathers.

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